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J. Riley Corrigan
J. Riley Corrigan

Using the Right Ordinance Empty Using the Right Ordinance

on Sun Sep 17, 2017 3:26 pm
I have been thinking a lot this week about the vast array of methods we as Christians have at our disposal to refute falsehoods and share the Gospel. This should be expected as the Word is a transcendent truth, but there is a layer of beauty in considering this fact. As we have all manner of diversity in creation, we also have all manner of diversity in false beliefs and deceptions. Not every method of evangelism is effective to every person. Aside from that there are different stages of evangelism as well, some times we are planting seeds and sometimes we are reaping a harvest after the Holy Spirit has moved in the heart.

We are quite literally at war, not against flesh but against principalities right as it goes. We are at war for the ear of the lost, like in war two armies will fight over a city so also we are fighting to bring the Kingdom to every person that will hear of it. Going forward with this illustration I have been thinking of the idea of using appropriate ordinance. Some weapons are more effective against some targets than others. I have been trying to identify how this works for me and my life.

In my extended family I have people who range from devoutly christian to devoutly atheist. In the mix there appears to be some level of pantheism as well. So what ordinance is effective? Well one person in particular is very fascinated by space and the scientific discoveries we make in that area. It is easy to relate to this person on that level because we both agree that there is beauty and incredible complexity in the observable universe. I bring in my bend on it because I believe that there is a purpose and order, and by the reason that it was all created to be the way it is. This might not work with everyone, you might come off as a know-it-all or just put people to sleep. You need the right tools for the right job, the right ordinance for the right target. In order to get a bad idea out there is a corresponding good idea that needs to fill the void.

Part of the reason I put this forum together is so that we can all gather ordinance together and share what works where. What kind of ideas have you been encountering lately, and what has been effective against them?

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