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J. Riley Corrigan
J. Riley Corrigan

Conduct Expectations Empty Conduct Expectations

on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:32 pm
This forum is intended to be an academic environment in which ideas can be developed and shared in diligence and respect. Please read our introduction if you have not already done so. There are several points I would ask you to consider as you participate.

1. This forum will enable users to engage in conversation that may not be possible or convenient in person. That being considered, it will be expected that you resist the urge to post things you would not normally say in person. This forum is publicly visible. I would encourage users to take advantage of the nature of this forum to take more time to develop thoughts than they would in person and collect links and citations when relevant.

2. Although widely accepted in news and politics, I do not believe that the use of foul language and name calling have a place on this forum. Accurate descriptive terms are not discouraged, but please be prepared or better yet proactive to validate your adjectives. Attitude sits at the core of this issue, so please be aware of how your feelings influence your writing.

3. Spamming and harassment will not be tolerated on this forum. If you find yourself in danger of being repetitive, please reconsider your position and try to find a way of advancing the conversation. Likewise, please consider others and do not send excessive communications to other users to drive a point in. Any form of harassment is taken very seriously by the administration.

4. I completely expect that there will be discussion that may require graphic images or descriptions that may not be suitable for younger audiences. When you open a thread where this is likely to occur, please use the following as a prefix in the title.
Doing so will thereby advise users to use discretion in accessing the thread. If you find it necessary to post graphic content in a thread that does not have this label, please either start a new thread or provide a link to the content prefaced with the same warning as prescribed above. I should not have to say this on a christian forum, but just in case, there will be no leniency on pornography. Posting pornography will result in a suspension at the very least.

5. The humor section of this forum will be relaxed in regards to academic conduct, although I again caution against strong language and defamation. Remember – Jesus can see your meme folder.

Penalization for the violation of these conduct expectations and any behavior that I deem to be harmful will be met with action on the part of administration, by their discretion, which may include written counseling, temporary suspension or a permanent ban. The host’s terms of service must be accounted for and can be read here.
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