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J. Riley Corrigan
J. Riley Corrigan

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on Sun Sep 10, 2017 3:29 pm
Welcome and thank you for visiting the Synaptogenesis Forum! This forum is intended to be a platform for people with common purpose and faith to learn, develop ideas and teach one another. This community is interested in studying God’s creativity as well as the creativity he has given to us by investigating topics ranging through the sciences, theology and beyond. Growing and fostering such a community that we support one another in our journeys of faith and learning is paramount. Users are encouraged to both challenge and promote one another.

The direction of the forum will be shaped as much by the admins as by the users, so if there is a subject you do not see covered by our categories please fell free to reach out so a new section can be created. If you are involved in producing writing or media please consider yourself invited to submit it to the community and administration for review and promotion. We have a section for bloggers to post their work, so if you would like to have your blog featured please submit it to the administration by providing a link and the title.

It should be expected on this forum that all things are subject to test and reasoning, however there are a few basic foundation ideas that are supported overwhelmingly that must be accepted. If you are unsure of the following assertions, please feel free to inquire for reason and evidences.

1. The Holy Bible is the Word of God, written and compiled by humans that were guided, inspired and instructed to record the verses and books that comprise it. By studying the writing we can better understand the author.

2. The universe is God’s creation, it’s design and complexity is evidence of and descriptive of its creator. By studying the creation we can better understand the creator.

3. Jesus Christ is God born into human flesh, and by his death were the sins of all reconciled. Salvation bought at so high a price is offered by God to anyone who believes in this truth, independently of any works, rituals or behaviors.

4. A worldview is incomplete if it is not able to cohesively address human nature and experience as well as the nature of God and the universe. The Christian worldview exceeds satisfaction and is confirmed by academics.

If you have not already done so, please review our conduct expectations before you begin participating in our community
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