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on Tue Oct 03, 2017 2:45 am
Thanks first to Riley for setting this up here. I'm Dan and lead with my wife Cathy the Why Christianity group in the second hour at Garland Avenue Alliance Church. I'm hoping this can be a place for us to further discuss classes and materials brought up there. I am also hoping to share here some of the important links to resources I think are helpful to understand some of the truths that don't get exposure in the MSM. In a nutshell, from extensive research and cross checking I've found that Christianity is true, not just in some airy vague subjective sense, but objectively, as in the prime reality of all. As part of that, there is a spiritual realm, and a fierce battle rages all around us in that realm, with real serious consequences in our realm. Everyone thinks the world is going crazy, but much of it becomes clear when we have the correct point of view, and information. Lots more to come about that, I hope. Looking forwards to some great conversations here!
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