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Interesting message about Trump and his move of the US embassy to Jerusalem

on Thu Dec 21, 2017 2:30 pm

I don't agree with everything Steve C. says, but sometimes he gives good perspectives.
J. Riley Corrigan

Re: Interesting message about Trump and his move of the US embassy to Jerusalem

on Wed Dec 27, 2017 8:08 pm
The more I look into it, the clearer it seems that Trump was raised up by God to be our leader. I could argue that he may himself have a basic enough loyalty to God to be considered a saved christian, however I am very comfortable with the idea that it may not be the case. I can not help but to be impressed by the amount of Christianity he has surrounded himself with and promoted as president though. I have now seen a good handful of Christians attest that they were told by God that Trump is anointed. I was reading Scott Adams' book "Win Bigly" today and I learned that Scott has had visions throughout his life that have directed him and come to pass. Now I take his account with the same weight as anyone else, but among his visions was one of Trump winning the election. I am not sure what the implications of agnostics having visions is, but I am definitely seeing a trend in which God is using anyone who will speak to promote Trump and unfetter Christians. These are very exciting times.

I should say that I am very biased toward believing that God is protecting Trump, though it really seems very likely, because it relieves me of the worry that harm should come to him. I try to take that into consideration.
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